Make Your Brand Irresistible, Attract Your Dream Clients & 5X Your Profits


Uncover My Best-Kept Branding Secrets & Create a Marketing Framework That (Finally!)  Gets Results.

You have NO strategy that ties your branding, messaging, and marketing together

You aren't sure where to start and what to
focus on

Your business is humming along, but your brand feels disjointed and all over the place

You're ready to buckle down & take your business to the next level. The only problem?

Does this sound like you?

Either way, you’ve decided—something has to change, right now.

… But in a lot of ways, those resources left you feeling even more confused and frustrated.

You know you’re supposed to be showing up on social media—but you never know what to say, and you feel like you’re basically talking to yourself.

You’re ready to increase your revenue and take your business to the next level—but you have no idea how to get your dream clients’ attention or establish yourself as a force in your industry.

You work so hard, all the time—but you can’t shake the feeling that you’re spinning your wheels and not actually getting anywhere. 

Maybe your business has changed dramatically in the last few years and your brand doesn’t feel aligned with your vision anymore.

Or maybe your brand was never really in alignment with your vision to begin with.

You’ve taken all the courses, read all the books, and had some limited success…

spending too many hours googling your way to success...

Many women business owners are hustling without a clear strategy, but there's no reason to waste your time and energy creating a brand that doesn't serve you just as well as you serve your clients.

Most of us start our business because we want to serve others, but somewhere along the way, we end up burned-out, exhausted, and frustrated. 

Have you downloaded every freebie out there? 

Do you struggle with getting clear on your messaging, branding and positioning?

Have you reached the throw-up-your-hands point in business? 

I see you. 

Imagine Feeling Like You're Heading in the
Right Direction (Finally)

there's a better way

"I entered my industry knowing I had talent and a valuable service to offer my clients. I started my business with heart and mission, but no messaging and true plan. I was working too hard to get the clients. She helped me get my messaging clear and communicate my value, which created so much more client buy-in. Working with Shawon was a game-changer!"

-Lavinia P.

"Working with Shawon was a game-changer!"

You Deserve A Business and Brand That Gives You
Freedom, Abundance & Joy Without Overwhelm

The Brand & Visibility Accelerator


Your Turn-by-Turn Blueprint to Branding & Marketing Success

Authentically Engage 

Magnetically Attract 
& Become Irresistible
Experience Next-Level Growth

Uncover my signature framework the E.A.R.N. Method

Have an irresistible brand that attracts your dreams clients, so you can do work you love with people you respect and admire.

Rest assured that all of your marketing was in alignment with your brand, your business, and your values. 

Stand out confidently, with a visual brand + messaging that acted as a magnet for your dream clients. 

Show up for your audience consistently without ever feeling burnout because you have a simplified strategy. 

Hit some of your biggest, "most unattainable" business goals--in the next 90 days

What if you could: 


The Brand & Visibility Accelerator


Get ready to take your brand to the next-level with a signature client experience.

You'll learn:

+The exact systems you need to create for a remarkable client experience. 

+ Strategies to implement special touch points from your website to social media. 

+ The one thing you need so you can have loyal clients and generate referrals with ease

phase four

Leverage Your Client Experience

Marketing your business should be simple and not complicated. 

You'll learn:

+ How to create a marketing plan that you can use month after month and continuously get results

+ A complete client-attracting system so you can bring in more high-quality leads with less effort

+ How to show up for your audience consistently without ever feeling burnt out

phase three

Simplified Marketing

Connecting with your dream clients in a meaningful way is the secret sauce to magnetizing your brand.

You'll learn: 

+How to dial in your brand messaging

+How to easily boost your visibility & start showing up as an expert in your space

+How to make your content, photos, and videos stand out online so you can get noticed by prospective clients

phase two

Magnetize Your Brand

Clarity and refinement are essential to making your brand irresistible.

You'll learn:

+ How to engage your brand and align it with your goals

+The key you need for a signature brand that attracts your dreams clients so you can do work you love with people you respect and admire

+The exact business "filters" you need to activate so your brand looks and feels cohesive  

phase one

Engage Your Brand

Here's the Game Plan


“I was super frustrated and overwhelmed before we started working together.  Shawon helped me find a much better place to be where I could balance doing the thing I loved with the marketing thing I needed."

● What if you could show up online with the confidence your business was built to succeed? 
● What if your business and marketing plan felt seamless and spacious? 
● What if you got rid of the overwhelm so you could start having the impact you deserve to have on this world? 

More than ever, the world needs women like you to succeed, and to do that, you need a plan to transform your brand and business, align it with your season of life, and the support and accountability to implement all the pieces.

I can help.

I'm Shawon. Brand Strategist and Coach here to help you take things to the next level.

hey there!

You and I both know you were meant to create change and shine your brilliant light in this world. But that's hard to do if you feel overwhelmed and all over the place with your brand. 

Ready to get started?

There's nothing better than a plan 
and the right frameworks in your business to get the results you
are craving!

see results


You'll be officially on-boarded and
have instant access to get started
right away!

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So, what are the next steps?

You’re a female entrepreneur who owns her own service-based business & is SERIOUS about finally reaching that next level.

You’re ready to stop wasting your time and money in all the wrong places and START implementing tried-and-tested strategies.

You need a simple, effective method to reliably attract your dream clients, in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your business and your values.

You love the idea of implementing a repeatable marketing strategy to achieve your goals every single month.

You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and put in some work to get what you want!

The Brand & Visibility Accelerator Is a Good Fit For You If...

You’re looking for a done-for-you service. This coaching program is about mentorship. You’ll be expected to put in consistent work to meet your goals.

You’re content to stay at the level you’re currently on. No shade! But we’re focused on growth here.

You’d rather complain than take meaningful action. If you’re just looking for a place to vent, this isn’t it.

You want a quick, short-term solution. The Brand and Visibility Accelerator is focused on the long game. You’ll experience some quick wins throughout the program, but we’re dedicated to building a long-term strategy.

The Brand & Visibility  Accelerator Is NOT For You If...


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3 payments of

payment plan

Ready to do this? I know you are!


We will meet every single week of our 90 Days together for Group Coaching. You will also have access to pre-recorded trainings, templates and resources inside the Accelerator Membership Portal.  You will also be able to ask questions, get feedback, and support in our exclusive Facebook Group.   

how much support is included? 

Yes!  The coaching sessions are live.  You will be able to bring your questions, receive feedback and support.  The coaching sessions are also recorded and available in the membership portal. 


Coaching sessions are currently on Tuesday afternoons. This gives you time during the week for implementation.  The sessions are recorded if you are unable to make it. 

what days are coaching sessions?

Absolutely! Adopting this kind of strategic framework as a new business owner will actually give you a huge advantage, because you’ll be building a rock-solid foundation for your business to grow on.

I'm just starting out, will the program work for me?

Are you ready to get to the next level in your business? If so, then yes! A lot of my clients are business owners who’ve been in business for some time, but they still aren’t getting the traction they want. This program is different from others you may have tried because we focus on a more comprehensive approach to business growth, including brand strategy, marketing, and so much more.

i've been in business for a few years, are you going to teach me anything i haven't already heard?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

The Brand and Visibility Accelerator is a 90 Day Program. I recommend spending 1-2 hours each week for implementation. However, this program is at your own pace. You’ll get out of the work what you’re willing to put into it.

how much time will this take?

Every minute you question whether you're ready for a coach is one more minute you're choosing to stay overwhelmed.

And if you are the kind of woman I know you are, you don't have time to waste on frustration.

If you are who I think you are –– then you are exactly the type of woman who needs her voice amplified in this big world and we need women like you to fully embrace their gifts and shine bright in their businesses.

If you are who I think you are, then you are a change-maker. A gift to the people around her. A woman who is ready to serve her people even better.

When you focus on key areas of your business, streamline your growth strategy, have a repeatable marketing plan and brand positioning, you can get out of overwhelm and step into a beautiful place of confidence and empowerment.

You deserve that.

The world needs you to shine.

This could be the decision that changes

don't miss this opportunity

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